welcome to thirty nine things

here’s my thirty nine. what are yours?

The first question is obviously, why “thirty nine things”? Why not 29, 55, or 101? For me, being 39 years old has felt different than the last year of any other decade. Turning 20, it’s naive and blissful, with a “take the world by storm” mentality. Turning 30 is your ticket to the adult table-there’s a sense of optimism for what’s around the next turn. I’m finding that turning 40 is liberating yet frightening. I have the confidence and street smarts I wish I could give to my 21 year old self; but shockingly, I have clear recollection of my parent’s 40th birthdays and does that mean I’m…old? I love an episode of Will & Grace where in a state of break up depression, Grace locks herself in her room re watching home movies from her childhood trying to figure out where it all went wrong.   thirty nine things is based on my humble opinion that sometimes it’s OK to take a look back- that’s how we learn.  It’s necessary to be aware of the now-that’s how we create our future; but no matter what- we must keep moving forward.

pexels-photo-large  My intention in creating thirty nine things is to be grateful for the happy moments, learn from the ones I’d rather forget, and face the unpredictable ones fearlessly. There are thousands of “things” that shape us…far more than thirty nine-but, for now, it’s a start.

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