My Pizza Story…Mission Accomplished!

I’ve been working to perfect my homemade pizza for the last 5 years (at least).  pexels-photo-65132-largeMy process has morphed through countless techniques with hopes of achieving what seemed impossible…a perfect, crispy crust. This one crucial element is more difficult a challenge to the home pizza cook than you may think. Sauce and toppings are personal taste and were mastered early in my pizza making journey- but the perfect crust eluded me, so I set out on a mission.  I quickly found I wasn’t alone.  I read countless articles from pizza masters, blogs on pizza, even entire books with tips on achieving perfect pizza crust!  I tried everything: grilling the dough first, using a pizza stone, not using a stone, and on and on it went.  Each time, although delicious, the crust wasn’t crispy all the way to the center of the pie.  Finally, after years of experimentation, blood, sweat & (ok, no tears, just wine)…SUCCESS!

 My husband and I have had a Sunday night ritual that consists of 3 Quotation-Billy-Joel-joy-life-Meetville-Quotes-44410things: Homemade pizza, wine and a movie . I bring the pizza in and announce, “this is the best one yet” and we both laugh.  Now, it’s really true! My pizza story taught me that even small victories are a big part of enjoying life!

My delicious pizza crust secrets & recipe

Creating the perfect pizza crust!

  1. The right preheat time (at least 1 hr.) and oven temperature (550)
  2. Use olive oil on the top and bottom sides of the dough
  3. Use a pizza stone and cook on the bottom oven rack

Disclaimer: I buy my dough from a small, local Italian grocery store so if your into making your own dough, I love you for it, but don’t have any tips!

  • Heat your oven for at least an hour with your pizza stone inside as hot as it will go (for home ovens, usually 500 or 550 is it)
  • Use a small amount of flour to handle the dough, but when your ready to shape & toss it, put a small amount of olive oil on your hands
  • take the pizza stone out of the oven (with heat proof gloves of course).   I put my pizza together right on the stone, although I know many opt to slide it in the oven with a peel.  Before putting the pizza dough on the stone, brush a generous amount of olive oil on what will be the bottom of your crust then place it oil side down on the stone. (I take the dough almost like a bed sheet and lay it on the stone)
  • Brush olive oil on the top of your pizza
  • Add any spices to flavor the crust.  I like lots of dried garlic, basil, and oregano.
  • Add your sauce, cheese and toppings
  • Place the hot stone (again, using heat proof gloves) on the lowest rack of the oven to cook
  • Cooking times vary, but 10-12 minutes or when the cheese is slightly browned and bubbling, it’s ready
  • Brush some melted butter on the crust, slice & enjoy!

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