The 40 story…

11156387_10206699959206764_9185409787030301195_nSince this blog essentially began because of my impending 40th trip around the sun riding on this beautiful planet called earth, I should fess up that it happened- I’m officially 40!  I love birthdays…I mean LOVE them, and am a staunch believer in a full “birthday week” celebration;  but this one, I have to confess, was milked for all it was worth.  It was more like a birthday month.  Maybe the extended celebration helped me comfortably and slowly wade into the water instead of jumping feet first into the big 4-0.  In any case, I’ll admit it…all the celebrating made 40 feel fun.  I don’t know what 40 (and beyond) will bring, but I do know that after the cake, the parties, a night out with friends, a girls weekend in Mexico, and some unforgettable time spent with my family, my husband and beautiful daughter, I feel happy.  I feel content.  I feel free.

Maybe 40 is the magical time where we finally get the guts to take our life back! Could the biggest change be to simply have the confident courage to stop wasting time trying to be enough, have enough, and do enough for people and things that frankly, just don’t matter?    There’s a certain freedom to feeling comfortable in your own skin- but it’s true that even personal freedom doesn’t come free.  If the price of weathering life’s worst shit storms, making tough decisions and learning some pretty painful lessons give the strength to carve out a life that feels good- not just looks good, then it’s been pain well spent if I become a better wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend.

                             Cheers to 40 years!                                 


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